The Benefits of Making Soap With The Hot Process Method

by Shona O'Connor | 28 Oct 2023 | Hot Process Soap Making | 0 comments

So you’re into making soap? Well, let me tell you about this cool technique called the hot process method. It’s like the fast track of soap making methods and comes with some awesome perks. Let me tell you more…

This method uses heat to accelerate the process, so that you can make soap from start to finish in less than 5 hours. This means that you can use your soap straight away instead of waiting days for it to saponify. This makes this method perfect for last minute gifts!

With the hot process method, you have greater control over the final product’s texture and appearance. The ability to manipulate the ingredients during the cooking process allows you to add a range of additives such as exfoliants, colorants, and fragrances, resulting in a truly customized and unique bar of soap. This flexibility opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Because this method causes the soap to gel and saponify during the process, it allows you to use tricky ingredients that can cause your soap to accelerate, such as challenging fragrance oils, or high percentages of castor oil. You can also use those beautiful colours that sadly morph during the cold process method, as the heat lowers the pH by the time you add them removing that challenge.


When you use the cold process method you cannot choose which oils remain with the superfat process. The method includes all the oils and butters in your recipe. However, with this method, you can add the oils and butters after the soap has saponified, leaving behind the luxury oils and butters that you have chosen to add skin nourishing benefits to your soap.

Worried that you will be left with boring, rustic looking soap?

Well, think again!! With some easy techniques and a few additional ingredients you can create some stunning designs that are ready in no time!

Hot process soap bars

So let your creativity begin and fast track your soap making!

Shona O'Connor

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