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Hot Process Soap Making Courses

Hot Process Soap Making For Beginners

Hot Process Soap Making

Learn how to make hot process soap from scratch. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have dabbled in soap making, this course guarantees that you’ll create stunning soap bars that are ready to use in just a matter of hours.
Mastering Designs and Swirls in Hot Process Soap

Hot Process Soap Making

Elevate your hot process soap designs with advanced swirling techniques. Create stunning swirls, unique bars, and master superfatting for luxurious soaps.

Cold Process Soap Making Courses

How To Make Soap – Cold Process Soap Making for Beginners

Cold Process Soap Making

Create unique, natural handmade soaps at home. Customize recipes with oils, butter, fragrances. Learn cost-effective techniques for soap making, from ingredients to moulds. Learn colouring, swirling, and recipe development for personalized, skin-friendly soaps.

Bath, Body & Hair Products Courses

A Comprehensive Guide to Making Bath & Body Products – Part 1

Bath, Body & Hair Products

Discover how to craft all-natural bath and body products at home. Create luxurious spa-like experiences affordably. Learn to customize recipes, packaging, and create a range of products for personal use, gifting or selling.

A Comprehensive Guide to Making Bath & Body Products – Part 2

Bath, Body & Hair Products

Learn to create sumptuous, natural bath & body products at home! Master oils, fragrances, colours, & packaging. Craft luxurious spa-like items, from bath oils to scrubs, muscle relief bars to solid lotions, indulge in a lavish DIY spa experience.

Treat Your Feet: Creating Handcrafted Foot Care Products at Home

Bath, Body & Hair Products

Discover the art of luxurious foot care at home by creating your own foot masks, scrubs, soaks, and lotions. Treat your feet to spa-like indulgence for happiness and health.

Shampoo Bars
Master the Art of Creating Luxurious Shampoo Bars

Bath, Body & Hair Products

Learn to make proper shampoo bars, not soap-based ones. Discover the secret to creating nourishing bars for healthy, manageable, shiny hair.